Need help with your ICF Application?

Feeling overwhelmed with the ICF application process?

I know it is a difficult journey and I know at times it can feel like there is uncertainty all around. The application process itself can be overwhelming. I have been through that and now looking back from the other side I want to help you. I know you already have the Coaching skills in you, you just need to learn how to tap into that.

We will provide you with all the support you know you need and you may not know yet that you need. In this process, we will go over the recordings that you have to submit to ICF and prepare you for the CKA exam. You will gain valuable feedback from other coaches and also from your mentor. By the end of the cohort, you will have not only learned the ICF competencies but have embodied them in a way that is part of your coaching arc moving forward.

Interested but unsure when to start the cohort journey? Contact me with your Coaching journey so far and questions that are emerging for you!