What is ICF Mentor Coaching?

ICF mentor coaching is when a coach is mentored by an ICF Certified Mentor Coach. The mentoring sessions will focus on the ICF core competencies and ethics along with reviewing their application. Feedback is given from coaching demonstration to improve the mentee’s coaching effectiveness.

Who needs ICF Mentor Coaching?

Unless if you are following the ACTP program which requires thousands of dollars, to apply for an ICF Coach Credential via the ACSTH and Portfolio path, you must have 10 hours of ICF Coach Mentoring. Depending on which level of credential you are applying for, you would receive your ICF Coach Mentoring from a coach who holds that credential or higher.

Who can offer ICF Mentor Coaching?

ICF Mentor Coaching can be provided by an ICF Certified Mentor Coach. If you are applying for your ACC, you can take your ICF Mentor Coaching from an ACC, PCC, or MCC coach. If applying for your PCC, you’ll need to receive your ICF Mentoring from a PCC or MCC coach. If applying for your MCC, you’ll need to be mentored coached by an MCC coach.

When can I take ICF Mentor Coaching?

You can start your ICF Mentor Coaching journey anytime, however, to count as the 10 hours requirement make sure you have completed some ICF accredited training. Also this way you will get the most value out of this mentoring journey.

How long does ICF Mentor Coaching program take to complete?

Our program is 3.5 months to 7 months. Must finish all your 10 hours within 12 months maximum. The only requirement ICF has is that mentoring must continue for more than 3 months duration.

What is covered in ICF Mentor Coaching?

A typical ICF Mentor Coaching sessions cover the ICF Core Competencies, ethics, reviewing of coaching recordings, and preparing for the CKA exam. All of these are necessary for the successful completion of your ICF coaching demonstration and coach knowledge assessment.